Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday in Springfield

Wide awake at 8:30 a.m. today, we somehow reached the decision to spend the day at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield. Though the weather was cold, there was no snow in the forecast and the library is only a 90 minute drive away... what better way to spend the first half of our saturday?

Turns out, the museum was way better than we anticipated. In addition to the standard relics, letters and doo-dads behind glass that you would expect to see in a museum, there were holograms, sound effects and theatrical smoke. Seriously, the museum made children cry. That's one heck of a show.

There were also two non-Lincoln exhibits that alone were worth the price of admission ($7.50 if you're wondering). First - a multi-media exhibit featuring campaign propoganda from every presidential election. My favorite was the Reagan anti-communism "Bear in the Woods" ad. A close second, realizing that young Richard Nixon looked a lot like Regis Philbin.
The second non-Lincoln exhibit was a collection of 195 WWI and WWII posters. Most of the posters were from the US. There were also posters from Great Britain, France, Russia and Germany. Luckily, I had Justin to translate the German. I've got to say, the cartoonish use of Hitler made my day. Don't believe me? Just look at this...

Enough said?
Anyway, here's to one more weekend in the middle of nowhere!

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