Sunday, February 17, 2008

And So It Begins

Keeping up this blog was Justin's new year's resolution. Clearly he's failing at that. (Edit - looks like Justin and I started blogging at the same time. We really should spend more time in the same room. Anyway - read on. - Jenny) Can't say I blame him - he's got enough on his plate with school and TA responsibilities. Conversely, I work for the government. That means that not only does my work day end at 4:30 p.m., but more importantly, I don't have to work on "holidays" like President's day. Pretty sweet, right? So it looks like the blogging duty is going to return to me, if it hasn't returned already.

This morning was fairly eventful. Justin and I went to brunch with Ozlem (a fellow student of Justin's) and her daughter Caline. We went to Radio Maria - a spanish place best known for its brunch menu. It was delicious. Beyond delicious (for this town). Poor Caline may disagree. She's only seven, and probably would have been happier having cereal at home while watching cartoons instead of eating unnecessarily fancy food with her mom and two grown weirdos.

After brunch we stopped home long enough to watch the final round of this week's PBA event. Justin's favorite, the extremely handsome Mike Scroggins, defeated my favorite, Walter Ray Williams, Jr. Yes, we have favorite pro-bowlers. We are that cool. (And yes, Maria, that link was for you.)

Once bowling ended, we went to our very first open house. Now that (1) Justin's sure he's going to stick out the entire 5-6 years of this PhD program, and (2) I have a job, it's pretty clear this our tenure in Illinois is that permanent kind of temporary. So, we're on the market for a house. Expect to hear lots more about the house hunt as it progresses. For today, I'll leave it at these two things:
  • We looked at a house within walking distance of a Wal-Mart in Champaign - Thumbs down for a multitude of reasons; and
  • If you're the betting type, the safe money is on us ending up in Farmer City, Illinois (That's right Farmer City - treasure the name).

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Jessi said...

His New Year's Resolution was to start blogging? I have to admit, that's really one of the odder New Year's Resolutions I've heard of.

But don't worry, once you start blogging even just semi-regularly, it will become a habit. Then it will become a compulsion that borders on obsessive and unhealthy. Well, at least if you're as bored as I am.

Mark my words, before you know it, you'll be participating in blogathons.