Saturday, April 19, 2008

We went to Belgium!

See Maria! We told you the Leibys would be in Belgium before too long. We just failed to clarify that we were going to Belgium, Illinois.

We actually stopped there on the way home from my birthday celebration. I absolutely loved what Justin had planned for me, so don't judge:

We drove 30 miles east to the closest Wendy's so I could get a Spicy Chicken Combo. (This has actually become a birthday ritual for us...sort of like one of Justin's "favorite" people.)

Then we drove about 70 miles further east so I could go shoe shopping at DSW. Yes, we have shoe stores here, but I had $65 in DSW reward coupons and they don't do online shopping. Three pairs of women's shoes, and two pairs of men's shoes later, our feet will be the fanciest things about us for quite some time.

On the way home we detoured briefly in the Village of Belgium, Illinois. We weren't able to take a picture of the sign reading "Belgium - Population 500" Were were also unable to get a picture of the many many trailers with built on porches or the vacant house with "NO TRESPASSING" spray painted on it. That's right, spray painted!

Apparently, spray painting messages on buildings is a common practice in Belgium...

Yes, that sign on the left reads "South Side Night Club Now Open". And the door on the far right has "OPEN" spray painted in large letters beside it.

Sadly, we missed the opportunity to take a picture of "Gross' Burgers" And if you were wondering, the only beer sold in this Belgium is Budweiser. Sorry Duvell, you lose.

Time for birthday dinner! (Early celebration rocks!)

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